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Founded in 2003 by former United States Army Captain Mark Ciaglia and his wife Melinda, The Supply Captain has drawn upon their years of government and military service to meet the unique needs of their customers.

The Supply Captain is different than many other sales websites in the fact that they only sell items that we actually have in stock! "Vaporgear" is not "sold" then put on a seemingly forever backordered status, while the customer is told "we just ran out". Only items that are in stock are put on the website. Our state-of-the-art inventory system is directly linked to our website. That means if an item is out of stock, the item is temporarily removed from the drop down menu onour website until it has been restocked.  This system allows the customer to be assured that what they order will ship in a timely manner.   Having an item on backorder does the customer no good when they are deploying and need to have the item in hand. The Supply Captain understands this and does everything humanly possible to alleviate this problem. 


Through humble beginnings in a spare room in the couple’s home in the Lower Hudson Valley in New York selling gear on eBay, the Supply Captain has emerged as a leading competitor in the marketplace, acting as an authorized distributor for products such as Specialty Defense, Z-Medica, ITW Nexus, H&H, and many others. The Supply Captain quickly built its reputation on its personalized service and ability to rapidly field new product lines in reaction to customer demands. Coupled with lightning fast shipping and hassle free customer service, the Supply Captain has earned its reputation as the one stop shop for Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, Private Security Companies, and civilian enthusiasts alike.  

After graduating from Norwich University Corps of Cadets in 1996, and receiving his commission as a 2LT in the United States Army, Mark joined the 4th Infantry Division's 4th Forward Support Battalion at Fort Hood Texas.  There, Mark worked on the front lines of the US Army’s Force XXI project, learning first hand about the logistical and equipment needs of the 21st Century soldier. Running the 1st Raider Brigade's Technical Supply Warehouse (B DSU) he quickly became intimately familiar with sourcing items that the war fighters needed, delivering them on time and at the right place on the battlefield as S&T Platoon Leader, then later on as B Co XO.  Quickly rising to the rank of Captain, Mark helped train and lead soldiers who would soon find themselves on the fight lines defending America abroad and then as BN S4, 4FSB. After being honorably discharged from active duty in July 2001, Mark returned to his native New York and began laying down the roots of what would eventually become The Supply Captain. Soon after, the second member of the Supply Captain team was added when Mark met and married his wife Melinda.

Today the couple owns and runs The Supply Captain out of a 10,000 sq ft building just north of The United States Military Academy at West Point. Together with their employees, they work tirelessly to provide quality products and services to those putting their lives on the line fighting for America, civilian collectors, and enthusiasts of all stripes.  

Just remember: When your company supply Sergeant says "we don't have that", the Supply Captain probably does.

Give us a call at (845) 236-1110  M-F 8-4 EST