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Mini Dog Tag Personalized

Mini Dog Tag Personalized

$ 2.65

Mini Dog tag perfect for paracord bracelets, children, and small pet tags

This is for one tag, can be paired with a chain or s hook (sold separate)

The Character limits for the mini tags are as follows:

Line 1:  12 Characters

Line 2 & 3:  8 Characters

Line 4: 12 Characters

There is no way to squeeze letters in or make them smaller due to the way these machines type

Our Machines deboss the letters as we have the WW II graphotype machines.


Why are some dog tags embossed (imprinted with raised letters) and why are some dog tags debossed (imprinted with stamped in letters)?

Dog Tag machines imprint dog tags with the style of type that is loaded into the machine when it is purchased from the manufacturer. The major cost of a dog tag machine is the type die set. Type sets consist of individual character stamps manufactured to be a die and made of hardened tool steel. Some machines are intended to deboss text while others are intended to emboss text.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to imprinting text onto individual dog tag blanks. There is no industry standard, rules or regulations as to the requirement of either embossed text or debossed text. The only requirement is that the text be permanently marked into the dog tag blank so that it cannot be altered and it is legible in use and over time.

What does the military issue currently - embossed tags or debossed tags?

The United States Military currently issues dog tags with both types of imprinting.
Generally speaking - the majority of newer computerized dog tag machines emboss text; while the bulk of older machines such as Addressographs deboss text.

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