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ShapeShifter Duty Belt 107cm (42inches)

ShapeShifter Duty Belt 107cm (42inches)

$ 49.95

Product Description
Officers are carrying 7 kg on leather duty belts nowadays. Hard on the spine, hard on the hips. Our police colleagues asked us to adapt our load carrying technology to this particular problem. The result of much research is the ShapeShifter, an orthopaedic shaped load belt/ back support/ duty belt. Helps a lot. Does no harm.

Curved weight distribution belt.
Laminated foam/Stand off ®/cordura.
Integrated attachment belt.
Ventilating liner.
Four keepers.
Reinforced security buckle. Requires two hands to release.
Size:  42 inches (107 cm)  (5cm steps) Please measure your waist in cm there is adjustability within the sizes. Colour: Black

Fine tune the size by opening touchtape tabs either side of the buckle. Adjustment is tucked behind them. Then reassemble.
Thread all gear onto the load belt.
Get a friend to help. Wrap the comfort belt around your hips while they hold the weighted load belt away from your body. When the comfort belt conforms to your shape, wrap the load belt around and smooth it down.
Adjusting this way means the belt system will become a 3D shape, evenly distributing the load.

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